Since our launch in September 2017, we have impacted over 4,000 students and members of the community through our concerts and outreach initiatives. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide youth with the inspiration, opportunity, tools and resources to not only pursue orchestral training and careers in music, but also to uplift and empower them to become entrepreneurial leaders. 


Over the years, the number of youth participating in school based orchestral programs in out local schools has declined. Research has shown the positive effects that participation in music programs has on academic achievements, self-esteem, and civic-mindedness. Therefore, it is important to find creative ways to nurture and reignite interest in music programs for our youth, especially youth in underprivileged communities. Symphony 21 is the only local program that uses innovative and modern approaches to orchestral music as a delinquency prevention stated model. Symphony 21 will encourage retention, cultivate interest, and facilitate enrollment of underprivileged youth in music education programs.

OUr Goals

  • Community events and multimedia orchestra performances.
  • Collaborations with schools, universities, and existing music/outreach programs.
  • Scholarships and private lessons for music training for low to moderate income youth
  • Online music education resources like podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  • Internships and hands on experience for all aspects of a multimedia orchestral concert
  • Mentorship from community leaders and industry professionals
  • Summer camps and weekend music workshops / master classes.
  • Launch Symphony 21 youth orchestra with local and regional talent.